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Advanced BioCatalytics (ABC) is an industrial biotechnology company that was formed to develop, patent and commercialize its core science called Molecular Kinetics. The science is based on protein-structure function and surface chemistry, which significantly accelerates the rate of bioconversion at the molecular level. Molecular Kinetics crosses a wide spectrum of organic chemistry, creating multiple technology platforms.

The Company's products are safe, non-toxic, easy to use liquids containing low molecular weight proteins and other fermentation-derived bioactive ingredients, formulated with surface-active systems and stabilizers. The products are completely biodegradable and, in fact, improve the biodegradability of other organic compounds with which they come in contact. Safety and toxicology profiles are quite benign, with all components meeting FDA guidelines for use in food contact.ABC has developed and is marketing an industrial biotechnology based product line to serve large existing markets as well as creating totally new innovative market opportunities.

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Improvita Health Products is committed to leading with innovative, safe and effective symptoms relief and nutritional products. Our friendly delivery systems and great tasting formulations improve compliance. Improvita makes getting better, feeling better and staying well fun and easy. Since our launch in 2001, our attention getting breakthrough packaging and brand names, Runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops and Chews®, Boogie Busters®, Kangaroo Kids Nutra Pops and Chews®, and Gassy Gator Tummy Pops and Chews® have become household names with “brand command” and “brand demand.” Improvita continues to deliver on our commitment to be a trusted leader for children’s improved health, wellness and quality of life.

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Established in 1984, Medentech Ltd. is a leading product development and manufacturing company, specializing in the manufacture of effervescent tablets for use in the Human and Animal Hygiene sectors. Accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and certified to E.U. Good Manufacturing Practice standards for medicinal products, we are a major supplier of disinfection and water purification products worldwide..

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